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Mar 10, 2022

This episode was recorded on 3/26/2021.

Fellow listeners welcome to episode 10 of The Joyful Toolkit! For this decimal episode, I present to you, Jennet Ingle.

Jennet is a master of flow and creativity and always makes things happen with ease. She is Principal Oboist of the South Bend Symphony Orchestra. Jennet is a soloist at heart, joyfully taking over any stage that will have her.  

As the owner and operator of Jennet Ingle Reeds, she makes and sells over two hundred handmade reeds every month, and helps people with their own reed-making through her YouTube series, The Five Minute Reedmaker, her weekly online Reed Club, and her beginner course, Zero to Reedmaker. She has recently focused on building a community for adult oboists.  Her signature group program, the Invincible Oboist, demystifies instrumental skills and helps oboists to get past the struggle to find ease in their playing.  Her new book, The Happiest Musician, encourages musicians to take agency in their careers and not wait to be chosen.

PS: Jennet has also been a crucial part of creating this podcast!

Join us as we talk about:

  • How she broke the mold of her industry and why she built her own company for other musicians.

  • What her visibility journey was like and what led her to find her true calling.

  • Why Jennet went against the “course she was given.”

  • What joy means to her: flow. When she is in the zone, in flow, doing the right things, she perceives joy.

  • The rubric she uses to coach students and herself.

  • How taking one step at a time instead of trying to solve everything at once helps her when getting thrown out of her flow.

  • The path to success doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Some Joyful Tools:

Book: The Big Leap

Where can you find Jennet:


Social Media: 

Instagram: @JennetIngle 

Facebook: Jennet Ingle, Oboist

Youtube: Jennet Ingle


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