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Mar 3, 2022

This interview was recorded on 2/26/21.

After a few stressful days, I am absolutely delighted to have a calming person by my side, Ekta Vohra.

Ekta obtained her bachelor’s in nursing from NYU and her Master of Science and nursing from Columbia. She has been a registered nurse in New York City for the past 11 years, working with a wide range of patients from oncology to colorectal. She has been a yogi most of her life and obtained her two-hour teaching certification in 2019. Ekta combines westernized medicine and holistic healing when providing care for her patients. Ekta loves connecting with people and is continuously amazed by the resilience of the human spirit.

Join us as we speak about:

  • Her profession as a nurse and why her journey into yoga was due to wanting to help people, whatever way she could.

  • What led her to study nursing

  • How yoga has helped her face difficult times, especially during COVID.

  • What breathing means to both of us: something we’re in full control over. It can calm us and brings us to the present.

  • What joy means to Ekta: state of being. It is also the simplicity of things; a meal, a hug, being quiet, a big window, etc.

  • What she does to bring herself back to the present, back to joy when she feels she’s lost.

  • The importance of community and support from others to overcome difficult times.

  • What Blue Zones are, why people live more than 100 years, and how community influences that.

Some Joyful Tools:

Mantra: Soham (I am)


-          The Untethered Soul

-          The Last Lecture

Where can you find Ekta:

Social Media: 

Instagram: @SoulsUniteYoga 


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